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The Crimson Pool

Psychodrama/ Thriller 

When a young, disenfranchised writer discovers the crime author who publicly humiliated her dead in his home and his new book unfinished, she seizes the opportunity to kickstart her career by finishing the novel and stealing acclaim for herself. It’s the perfect plan —     
Until the author wakes up, very much not dead.

"[Daniel does] such a great job at subtly shifting the power dynamics between Jessica and Walter throughout the story. It's a bold move to have a protagonist who makes such insane choices pretty much from the first page. Jessica becomes increasingly unhinged, but there's a sense of internal logic for her actions that makes her totally empathetic and easy to root for."

                                              - WeScreenplay

2023 EoDAccolades.jpg

The Empress of DäGar

Sci Fi/ Action/ Drama

Desperate to prove that her mother didn’t commit suicide, a lonely girl enlists the aid of a waylaid intergalactic warrior to help find the killer in exchange for a way back to her alien world, but is the warrior woman’s story true, or is she actually an escapee from an institution? 

"[Daniel] has crafted some staggering beautiful descriptions from the very start, yet it's the final ones that really move us so deeply as Lareena finds [spoiler] again and Maya once again [spoiler]. The story comes full circle, but now we're in a place of light, healing, and joy. Messages like this have the power to uplift audiences, and this couldn't be more timely."

                                              - WeScreenplay

2023 GZRW Accolades.jpg

The Great Zombie Recess War

Horror/ Young Adult/ Adventure

Still traumatized by his father's death, an introverted fourth grader must find the courage to lead his friends to defend their elementary school from a zombie breakout while also confronting the school bully.

"[Daniel's script uses] the zombie trope in an interesting way, highlighting issues and concerns affecting young people while still being entertaining, with good action and characters.


I like that you develop complex relationships between [the kids]. Too many scripts have kids' friendships and animosities as black and white, but you find the layers between."

                                              - WeScreenplay




sci-fi | drama

A tense interrogation in a post-2nd Civil War, newly segregated America gets turned on its head when the inquisitive black woman who’s been captured confesses to her white interrogator that she’s his descendent, and she’s there to interrogate HIM.

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co-writer/ co-creator: Zak White

half-hour comedy/ superheroes

Pilot: "Comet"

The explosive misadventures of Barry, Gil, Candace, and Carl; four blue-collar workers whose mundane job has them cleaning up after superheroes (all of whom are assholes) -- and not the cool, post-battle clean up. Cleaning their toilets, doing their laundry, walking their super pets. Even worse, these four now have to contend with the threat of losing this shitty job if they don’t improve their conduct and impress their middle manager from hell.

Pilot and Series Bible available.



co-writer/ co-creator: Ryan Lacen

half-hour comedy


Rival-in-Laws focuses on lifetime rivals Phillip and Larry attempting (but usually failing -- often violently) to find common ground when their children, Alexis and Mark, get engaged, eager to build a happy, new life together.

Pilot and Series Bible available.

Class Act.jpg

Class Act

series co-created w/ Betsy Moore & Parisa Fakhri 

half-hour comedy/ adult/ prestige

Pilot: "The Robert Kwan Party"

Desperate for cash and the self-confidence she has yet to achieve in her 25 years on Earth, introverted middle-school teacher Olivia Thayer applies for a night-time clerical job at an event management service only to stumble feet first into party stripping. 

Pilot and Character Breakdown available.

Fire Hazard.jpg

Fire Hazard

co-writer/ co-creator: Zak White

half-hour workplace comedy


A fire station full of losers, troublemakers, and underachievers in Chicago’s north side must prove they’ve got what it takes if they’re ever going to earn the city’s, and each others’, respect.

Pilot and Series Bible Available.



co-writer/ co-creator: Zak White

half-hour workplace comedy

Pilot: "The Return of Old Poot's Gold"

Professionally adrift 20-something wallflower Ruth takes over her sick father's flea market bookstore and befriends a group of vendors who've spent years breaking up the monotony of their day-to-day by finding adventures and trouble to get into together.

Pilot and Series Bible available.

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