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Meet Daniel Beals

a Bealsebub film

An accomplished filmmaker, Daniel Beals has directed and written several successful short films, spec pilots, and promotional material for companies including Defy Media, Ubisoft,, and His brand is HARNESSING YOUR FIRE, often to overcome adversity; either with a broken glass-covered baseball bat across the jaw or sharp wit. Frequently both.


He’s written several feature scripts that have placed highly in significant industry competitions. The dramatic thriller, The Crimson Pool (currently being developed as his feature directing debut starring Parks & Recreations’ Jim O’Heir in a chilling dramatic turn), was a finalist and honorable mention at the WeScreenplay Feature Lab while his adventure drama, The Empress of DäGar reached the semifinals at the Page International Screenwriting Awards.

Daniel launched into the creative world when he was hired to write the raunchy horror-comedy pilot Sexy Nightmare Slayers for Ariescope Pictures and horror director Adam H. Green. He then cut his directing teeth in the comedy world, winning his first Best Directing award for the dark comedy, Mediating Kidnapper (starring Jim O’Heir). Daniel’s natural ease with comedy arose from his years working in production on series like The Office, Parks & Recreation, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, absorbing knowledge from the best comedic writers, directors, and actors in the industry. As a lover of action and sci-fi, this experience primed him for transitioning into multiple genres as a storyteller.   

As a director-for-hire, Daniel shepherded projects like the psychological horror short, Incubus, which won in the Suspense/ Thriller category at the International Horror Hotel Film Festival. He also directed Defy Media’s promotional comedy sketch Watch Dogs 2 In Real Life for Ubisoft’s big 2016 game release. The video, made with popular YouTube content creators ‘The Warp Zone’ has accumulated 6 million+ views since its debut. 

Daniel’s a white guy. He knows it, you know it, everyone knows it. He accepts the responsibility that comes with that, and enthusiastically volunteers his time encouraging other straight white men (in life and through his work) to embrace, celebrate, staff, and better represent worlds that are populated by people who don’t look or love like them because acknowledging our shared humanity makes us all limitless. That’s the essence of his Bealsebub brand — based on the nickname he received as a teenager from the sage-like owner of a comic store he worked at. Bealsebub equals perseverance. Therefore, every project that Daniel spearheads going forward will be:



Despising snow and all its evil, Daniel resides in sunny Los Angeles with his wife. They have no dog (yet) but that can be rectified with your first “We think you’d be great for our next project” email. He and his wife enjoy traveling internationally every chance they get. They spent 4 months residing in Australia and New Zealand near the end of the lockdown portion of the current Covid-19 pandemic and it was heaven. He enjoys reading comics, preferably while chilling in cafes in different cities around the world. 



The Crimson Pool (feature)


• Honorable Mention

2023 WeScreenplay Feature Lab

Empress of DäGar (feature)

• Semifinalist

2023 Page International Screenwriting Awards

• Quarter-Finalist

2023 Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship

The Great Zombie Recess War (feature)

• Quarter-Finalist

2023 WeScreenplay Feature Lab

• Quarter-Finalist

2023 Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship


Don't Be Afraid

• Best Thriller

2021 Couch Film Festival

• Best Music

2021 Independent Horror Movie Awards

• Finalist

2021 4th Dimension Independent film Festival

2021 Urban Mediamakers Festival

2021 Hollywood Horrorfest

• Semi-Finalist

2022 Renegade Film Festival


• 4th Place/ Suspense-Thriller Short 

2018 Int'l Horror Hotel Film Festival

Mediating Kidnapper

• Best Director

• People's Choice Narrative Film

2014 Blaquefyre Independent Film Festival

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