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Sci Fi Adventure short script a semi-finalist at Hollyshorts!

August 4, 2015


See photos from Daniel's time at 11th Annual Hollyshorts Film Festival HERE.

Artistic License wins at Blaquefyre Film Festival

January 23, 2015



• Best Acting (Ensemble) to Deidre Scott, George Harry Williams III, Dax Herrera

  and Jennifer Wenger.

• People's Choice Narrative Film

Talkin’ Geek with “Geek Cred” Creator Daniel Beals

July 24, 2014


There’s no doubt about it. We Geeks and Nerds are beginning to dominate the world. From the comic books to video-games, from toys to films. Geek Cred is but one of many geek and nerd related web-series making an impact on the inter-webs with their flawless comedic anecdotes and precision story-telling skills. I now have with me here not only the Director of Geek Cred but co-writer as well, Daniel Beals. 


New Comic Shop Comedy Geek Cred Is Coming To Indiegogo 

January 29, 2014


Comedy shows like The Big Bang Theory portray comic book shops, and their employees in a certain light and get mixed reactions from actual comic book readers as they recognize things that are true–

Daniel Beals wins BEST DIRECTOR at Blaquefyre Film Festival

January 24, 2014



• Best Directing - Daniel Beals, Mediating Kidnapper

• People's Choice Narrative Film, Mediating Kidnapper

Dwelling to premiere new episode at Hollyshorts!

July 25, 2013


Watch the four Hollyshort teasers below! Photos from the event seen HERE.

Adam Green’s Sexy Nightmare Slayers Are Here!

March 7, 2011


We broke the first word about the new web series from director Adam Green and co-creator Rileah Vanderbilt, Sexy Nightmare Slayers, a couple of weeks ago, and now the goods have finally arrived. Dig it!

Exclusive First Word and Images: Sexy Nightmare Slayers

February 11, 2011


If ever there was a time that we wished to be plagued with horrid nightmares brimming with terror, it’s now. That’s right, kids! Turn your lights down low and get ready for a sexy evening of scantily clad women protecting you from ferocious beasts!

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