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Writer • Director • Producer



Daniel Beals has been directing for the past decade plus. He got his start writing, directing, and producing comedic projects and finds enjoyment in developing stories for multiple genres.  


His latest horror short, Don’t Be Afraid, conceived and produced amidst the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, won Best Thriller at the 2021 Couch Film Festival and Best Music at the 2021 Independent Horror Movie awards, while also landing on numerous festival qualifying lists.


Watch Dogs 2: In Real Life, the comedic promotional video he directed for Defy Media and Ubisoft, has garnered over 6 million views on YouTube since its launch, proving to be one of the most successful videos for Youtube creators The Warp Zone. 


When he isn't writing comics or making movies of his own, he enjoys producing and helping others get their projects made.

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As a Director, Daniel brings an emotional vision to all projects, always ensuring clear communication of ideas and intention in the final product.

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Daniel's first real gig was as a Writer. He enjoys incorporating social drama into any genre available across all mediums (including comics) to reflect the real world.


Daniel is available as a Producer with experience across multiple genres from comedy to horror, narrative fiction and promotional videos.



Comedy Directing Reel

Drama Directing Reel

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