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The BealseBLOG is here!!

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Don't worry, I won't call it that.


Remember MySpace? That was the last time that I had a blog. I loved it. They had such a great set up for blogging over there. Facebook could never compete ("Notes"? ReallY??) and I tried a few different blogging sites but... I couldn't find a format that ever really gelled for me. Jury's still out on this set up but I'm going to give it a go.

Why, you may be asking?

I'm a filmmaker. I like to make films. I like watching films. I like discussing them. Social media has taken a giant turd of a tumble the past few years. Where once it was iron forged to connect the world together into a beautiful quilt to keep us uniformly warm beside a fireplace, now it's service is only to advertising and divisive bubble-speak. It IS the fireplace. Connecting people is the furthest thing from social media's mind. So... in my desire to connect with people and wax intellectual about the shit I fancy, I'm picking up the blogging baton once again. I'm rusty so forgive me as I perpetually meander from one thought to the next from time to time.

Most importantly, I'm in the early process of making my first feature film and I felt it'd be fun to occasionally write about the process of making a debut feature from time-to-time. It's a dramatic thriller called THE CRIMSON POOL and it pits two writers at very different stages of their careers against one another, each manipulating the other into getting what they want. There's nothing I enjoy more than putting two flawed, sometimes awful, people together and letting them just figuratively (and occasionally literally) beat on another until one (maybe none?) is left standing. Think CHANGING LANES or THE PRESTIGE but with books in place of magic and social class collisions on the highway.

This should be exciting. Hit me with your thoughts on blogging do's and don't's below! Ohhhhh, I love me some don't's.

(Oh, I am definitely calling it BealseBLOG.)

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